All Royal-B products are produced from natural resources, devoid of any chemical contaminants such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The farm aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, using energy from solar power and rainwater catchment for our water supply. Our bee-rearing stations are also built to merge and bland in with the environment.

Our Natural Mangium Honey and Royal Jelly are collected and packaged under stringent quality controls, health and safety measures. This ensures that the honey that is produced for your enjoyment is of the highest standard and purest quality.

Raw Honey Storaqe Room Honey Filtration Process

(at low temperature to preserve honeyˇ¦s original goodness)

Packing Section

Quality Control
(With close collaboration between accredited laboratories)

In order to assure our customers of the standard of our products, we subject our honey to the most rigorous testing requirements. Therefore, Royal-B A. Mangium Honey has been awarded the following:
  • HALAL Certification by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia;
  • HACCP Certified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia;
  • SIJIL MeSTI Certified by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia;
  • Intertek's confirmation of conformity to MS 1480: 2007 under MS ISO/IEC 17021:2011 HACCP 11022008 CB 02;
  • Intertek's confirmation of conformity to MS 1514: 2009 under MS ISO/IEC 17021:2011 GMP 21012014 CB 01;
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Note: HALAL Certification is being renewed.

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